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Thank you to Paulina for tagging me!

1. I really, really hate beans. No matter how hard I try, and even though I know that they’re really good for me, I can’t get over that horrible mushy texture and that awful skin! The only way I can tolerate any kind of pulse is in houmous, which weirdly enough, I love.

2. I much prefer cold weather to hot weather. I know that a few on my blogroll have been bemoaning the fact that it’s the middle of winter, but as annoying as snow can get, baking hot weather is so much worse! I am pale and burn rather than tan, and to me summer just means feeling sticky and getting bitten to death by bugs 😦 I like the warmth of spring, but by the time July arrives, I am wilting in the heat!

3. I have double-jointed thumbs.

4. I am much too scared of driving to ever learn – I am a terrible passenger, it makes me so nervous!

5. I really don’t like large crowds of people – on the ‘big days’ of the church calendar such as Easter Day, I find the church to be much to full for me to be comfortable and I don’t stay very long afterwards. I like other people to be there, but I like space to sit and think.

6. I much prefer cats to dogs; dogs are just too needy and clingy for me. I dislike overly needy people as well – usually because I am the needy one in a relationship!

7. I really can’t wait til I have my own place! I have been living with others for much too long, and I don’t particularly enjoy it. I love having my own space, particularly in the kitchen – I also like to be able to come and go at all hours, and not have to answer to anyone!

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Multitude Monday

It never rains but it pours – not one but TWO posts from me today! Aren’t you lucky? I saw this meme over at Breezy‘s blog and I wanted to join in, so every monday I will be posting 20 things I am thankful for until I have listed 1000 of them; and no repeats either, or at least I’ll try 😀

holy experience

I am thankful for…

1. My everlasting Elohim, who is One yesterday, today and forever and who alone is Mighty to Save.

2. My Saviour Messiah who died an agonising death for me and for all mankind, so that we would enjoy a loving relationship with our Creator.

3. The Holy Spirit, who gives me the Fruit that enables me to live as I was made to live, and who helps me understand the Word, which is His Sword.

4. Scripture, which is my treasure and a light for my path.

5. Wonderful friends who help me in all sorts of ways, knowing and unknowing.

6. A great church; some days there are better than others but I have experienced such love from my church family.

7. My family, who I don’t see or think about as much as I should. My family is pretty dysfunctional but I should honour them more.

8. Those in authority who care for me in some way; the staff at the place I live, those dealing with my university application, those who provide benefits and services. Too often they are ignored at best and usually criticised. I have had some bad encounters but I am usually taken care of in a way that many people don’t experience, and I should be more grateful for the blessings I have in this area.

9. Those in authority whom perhaps I don’t know personally, but form the civil service and government. I often watch the news and realise how lucky I am to live here, this lovely England, with our amazing NHS and other sectors of the welfare state. We are likely to have a change of government here next year and I earnestly pray that our wonderful freedoms will not be curtailed too much.

10. I am very lucky to be part of the worldwide community of Yahweh. I often thank Him for bringing me friends not only from the UK but from all over the world, which has brought me much joy and encouragement. There are a lot of scary things happening in the world at the moment and I would not be able to bear it if it wasn’t for belonging to Yahweh and His family.

11. Clear, starry nights – even when they are very cold!

12. A hot-water bottle at night to make my bed all cosy 😀

13. Hot, sweet coffee on a chilly day (can you see a theme developing here?)

14. Warm gloves

15. Curry, mmmm

16. Toast

17. Little children singing Away In A Manger

18. Fairy lights on bare trees outside

19. Fast(ish) internet

20. Singing in church when everyone is joining in whole-heartedly

I am alive, honest!

It’s been so long since my last post; sorry everybody! I’ve been feeling pretty dreadful lately, tired and run down but I feel much better now. Thank you to all my dear friends who encourage me so much, even when they don’t realise it!

Sin and lawlessness is on my mind quite a bit at the moment. I really feel like I need to see sin through Yahweh’s eyes, not the World’s eyes. Even for Christians, it is so easy to view sin as unimportant. Even though He came to deliver us from our sins, our Messiah still judged sin so why should we not condemn it also? That isn’t to say that we point out the speck in our fellow Believer’s eye whilst ignoring the plank in our own eye. It isn’t about lording it above each other in the name of righteousness; for He is our Lord and Righteousness. It is about treating sin in the serious way that Yahweh treats it.

Hebrews 10:16 (English Standard Version)

16″This is the covenant that I will make with them
after those days, declares the Lord:
I will put my laws on their hearts,
and write them on their minds,”

Saturday Psalm & Praise

Psalm 100 – CJB

1 A psalm of thanksgiving: Shout for joy to ADONAI, all the earth! 2 Serve ADONAI with gladness. Enter his presence with joyful songs. 3 Be aware that ADONAI is God; it is he who made us; and we are his, his people, the flock in his pasture. 4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving, enter his courtyards with praise; give thanks to him, and bless his name. 5 For ADONAI is good, his grace continues forever, and his faithfulness lasts through all generations.

Not a long Psalm this week, but no less full of praise. I have verse 4 on the wallpaper of my computer – everytime I switch it on I am reminded of the joys of having a relationship with Yahweh, achieved through the Messiah’s saving death and resurrection. It is so important to keep this relationship sacred – I know that His name is Faithful and True, and I want to be as faithful and true as He is.

Sh’ma, Yisra’el! ADONAI Eloheinu, ADONAI echad [Hear, Isra’el! ADONAI our God, ADONAI is one]

Saturday Psalm & Praise

Psalm 111 – CJB

1 Halleluyah! I will wholeheartedly give thanks to ADONAI in the council of the upright and in the assembly. 2 The deeds of ADONAI are great, greatly desired by all who enjoy them. 3 His work is full of majesty and splendor, and his righteousness continues forever. 4 He has gained renown for his wonders. ADONAI is merciful and compassionate. 5 He gives food to those who fear him. He remembers his covenant forever. 6 He shows his people how powerfully he works by giving them the nations as their heritage. 7 The works of his hands are truth and justice; all his precepts can be trusted. 8 They have been established forever and ever, to be carried out truly and honestly. 9 He sent redemption to his people and decreed that his covenant should last forever. His name is holy and fearsome 10 the first and foremost point of wisdom is the fear of ADONAI; all those living by it gain good common sense. His praise stands forever.

I have just started a new daily Scripture reading plan, and this was my Psalm reading for last night. It really summed up what Yahweh had been saying to me of late. I know that some of my readers have had a hard time recently, and Yahweh comforts those who mourn – but it is also right to do as David did, and to leave behind the sack-cloth and ashes for rejoicing in the greatness of our God.


Find it here – hope you enjoy it!

There are some interesting developments going on in my friends’ romantic lives. Some good, some bad. At first I was a little frustrated that NOTHING ever happens to me in that way, but now a different feeling has overtaken it. I realised that if I made Yahweh my real Mr Right then I would feel a lot happier. Now, I’m wary of this sounding creepy (haha) but it’s true – until I find someone of marriage-standard it’s not worth getting worked up over relationships. Until then, the only relationship I should really be concerned about is with the Lover of my Soul. My only question is, why has it taken me so long to figure this out?